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Due the recent disasters, I have the best solution, to rebuild our Coast. I have followed your organization for Years, what is so sad is that year after year, our State suffers from Mother-Nature giving us a wake up call, and we continue to promote the same old, building system. We are the only Culture that promotes, homes build with Saw-Dust-Glue-Panel, called OSB. This over sold value, is just dead wrong. We are the only Culture that builds our homes with saw dust and glue-panels, and we give them builders of the Year awards. This practice needs to end, you are promoting a big negative for our consumers. You are promoting this really bad, building idea, time to set yourself apart form this really bad building idea. I promote a 100% Concrete based house, we build the entire house, using a panelized system. We have been building homes and commercial buildings since 1975, and time has come to bring out the trash. Time has been really good to stick build homes only in America, but it is time for your organization to gave a serious look at our building system. Contact Us for a meeting to bring information and samples, to show and tell. Please review the information I will send, as the best solution for any construction on the Coast, or just a better solution to construction. Make a difference, stop pushing the same old same old, stick build homes are based 100% on Profit. For a consumer to pay 30 years, on a house build with left overs, is just dead wrong. Start making a difference, in solving this really bad building idea, should be must.
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