The Time has come to replace saw dust and glue panels called OSB.

With a stronger longer lasting System. Get your money's worth, with a concrete based paneled System.
With an excellent track record. Time has come to move on to a better solution in the construction of our homes ! !

What we do?

We started working for a sip-panel company 13 years ago. With experience in solding a steel 18 gauge sip-panel system.
It was made in Bolivar Tennessee. It was a solid panel but more expensive than a stick build structure.
Teamed up with an Architect from Costa-Rica Federico Aymerich and we began to build homes using a pour-in-place cellular-foam concrete system.
We have found the best solution for build a stronger, longer lasting dwelling. But most of all something that will out perform and out live what we produce today in the States.

About Us

We them began to promote a panel system from a company in Texas it was a Styrofoam steal stud panel system called Inerlock.

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